Working Papers

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Not to be cited without authors' permission.

R Kirchain, "The Value of the Scrap Hedge: Characterizing the Incentives for Increased Secondary Materials Usage in the Context of Uncertain Demand". (pdf)

P Li, Y Li and R Kirchain, "Methods And Strategies For Improving Secondary Materials Usage In The Context Of Uncertain Demand". (pdf)

Y Yang, R Roth, J Arinez, S Biller and R Kirchain, "Mapping Context And Interdependency In Technology Selection: A Process-Based Cost Model For Product Assembly". (pdf)

G Gaustad and R Kirchain, "Design for Recycling: Evaluation and Efficient Alloy Modification". (pdf)

M Johnson and R Kirchain, "Quantifying the Effects of Parts Consolidation and Development Costs on Material Selection Decisions: A Process-Based Costing Approach", (pdf).

M Johnson and R Kirchain, "The Importance of Product Development Cycle Time and Cost in the Development of Product Families". (pdf)

M Johnson and R Kirchain, "A Process-based Cost Modeling Approach to the Development of Product Families". (pdf)

E Fuchs and R Kirchain, "Changing Paths: The Impact of Manufacturing Offshore on Technology Development Incentives in the Optoelectronics Industry", submitted to Management Science.